When you are planning something as special as a event, it’s important to have the right people behind you, people who are just as enthusiastic as you are about creating an event that perfectly captures the essence of your relationship. At Sarthi Travels And Tours service is our number one priority because it makes everyone feel good, including us.

Event related each and every service in the basket to serve client with. All of our services can be tailored to your needs as required, so contact us to discuss how we can be of assistance.


Special parties, celebrating cause or an important day with comparatively less guests and/or events that are deliberately kept low profile are taken care of by Sarthi Travels And Tours and are given equal importance too. “Those who’re not our customers are potential customers” is our business mantra hence we treat every guest with utmost respect and courtesy irrespective of event size of budget, this has made us to believe we’ve one of the best in class hospitality team by our side.


Every special occasion deserves special attention and we make it one. From first anniversary after wedding to silver and golden jubilees we are always present to assist you organizing parties and gathering. With Sarthi Travels And Tours you will have the pleasure of enjoying every moment of your special day without worrying about anything about the arrangements.


Gathering business personnel’s at one place and executing formal meeting require differently important attention then every other event and Sarthi Travels And Tours acknowledges it. Corporate themes are hand held by the best of the teams and are never compromised with standards. Here at Sarthi Travels And Tours from the initial planning to finalizing venues and residence of guests can be perfectly organized by Sarthi Travels And Tours. So even the conferences can be made memorable with Sarthi Travels And Tours.


Corporate events like exhibitions and expos are understood to be showbiz and in today's business world we’re always ahead in updating our catalogue of designs, be it interior or production. The diverse spectrum of expanding businesses as we acknowledge carries the importance of presentability and discipline with such events and we at Sarthi Travels And Tours are always conscious and equipped with extra precautions.


As they say “Life is all about Entertainment” and so is every event. Making an event a success is not always easy but our motivated team of young minds and experts is always ready to accept challenges putting in the best of us, representing our clients as hosts and making them proud always. And to help make a dream a reality we have an always growing list of add-on featuring attractions for our clients to choose from and add stars to the event. Bits like stand-up comedy gigs and music artists who turn the party more lively and entertaining and mild artists like puppet windows and live mehendi . Success of every event depends upon how much thought has been given to every minute detail and we have a lot of ways to do it.


Sometimes a kids birthday party with a simple theme just isn't enough If you are one of those people who like to create birthday parties that are special and unique, parties that your guests and children will remember forever.Sarthi Travels And Tours gives a special theme for a rocking party!!

Consult With Sarthi Travels And Tours & make your trip memorable...